About Us

In brief, Beauty Salons in 1984 were very few, especially in South East London. However, working in a Health Centre enabled me to introduce Beauty Therapy Treatments to the Customers within the area. Now, in the Twentieth Century, our skills and experience have excelled to excellence and we pride ourselves with a ‘one to one’ basis Beauty Salon, offering advanced Beauty Therapy Treatments, of which over the years have long proven them to being successful.

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Fully qualified Beauty Therapist's

Our continued research, on all aspects of treatments within the cosmetic and medical field, enables us to offer the ultimate of treatments for our customers.

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Our facials are intensive and detailed for the individual client on a one to one basis. The client’s skin is treated to her own individual needs, after the analysis. Full advice is given through out the
facial, unless the client chooses to relax.

Our many years of experience with electrical facials are undoubtly the most effective and enable us to offer excellent treatments. Our product range Matis of Paris has a natural approach which mimics science and works exceptionally well with our machines. Together, we obtain remarkable results of
which has carried our name for over 27 years of quality.

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